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How is that possible? It's because we have a great selection of girls. Being located in the Boston area, we have one of the best selections of talent in the world. In the greater Boston area there are over 100 colleges and universities, including over 300,000 college students. This means there are alot of cuties who have free time and need a few bucks --and we only pick the prettiest/ friendliest and sexiest voices! We get the pick of the lot. If she is a hottie and has a great voice, as soon as she turns 18, we sign her up. This gives us some of the cutest girls anywhere. The bottom line is: whatever kind of girl turns you on, we got her on the line for you.




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Exclusive Fantasy Forum. Here you get access to recorded stories on every imaginable fgetish including bondage, lesbian lovers, back door action, and all the other sexy niches. Start with this option when your imagination needs a a little kick start to get going.

Menu Option 2
1on1 Live Babe. Your own 1on1 Live Babe is where most of our subscribers go for the bulk of their time. This is the very heart of our service where you get to talk up close and personal. Ask our concierge for the kind of babe you want, and we do our best to match your wish. Do you have a particular fantasy? Let us know, and we will get you that kind of experience. One of the most popular fantasies is the girlfriend experience. We can also get you a guy if that is what you want. Again, it is all tailored for you. if you have called before and you have a favorite performer, we'll do our best to get her back for you. If you really feel like living it up, you can ask for 2on1, where, for an extra fee, you an get tag teamed by two beautiful babes!

Menu Option 3
Mega Party Line. The Mega Party Line is a cool way you can listen in on other conversations, join other callers, or go private. This is great for meeting other people and hooking up. You don't want to miss this party. You will have the time of your life and you will meet other cool people.

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The Confession Line. Do you have a deep dark confession which you want to get off your chest? Or, would you like to hear the real confessions of strangers? There is some freaky stuff here, and you get to hear all the secrets.

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